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Why you should start mixing your own feed!


Check all the ingredients you use to prepare the feed. This allows you to match the feed perfectly to the nutritional requirements of your birds for optimal performance. It also allows you to make sure there are no spoiled or toxic grains or protein in it.


Preparing the feed yourself allows you to reduce the feed costs. It also allows you to use your own maize.



There are four main categories to consider when selecting your ingredients.

1. Energy

In order for your brids to grow or lay eggs, they need energy. The amount of energy required depends on the age of the bird and its production purpose. Too much energy in the feed will fatten the birds or reduce their appetite.

Examples of ingredients which mainly provide energy are: Grains (Maize, Wheat, Broken rice), Grain by-products (Maize bran, Wheat bran, Tapioca) and Oils (Seed oils).

2. Protein

Protein (also known as amino ccids) is used to grow muscle tissue and produce eggs. It is often the more expensive part of the feed.

Examples of ingredients that mainly provide energy are: Soya (Note that Soya comes in various quality and protein values), Fish meal, Seed by-products (Sunflower meal, Cotton seed meal, Groundnut meal).

3. Calcium

Layer birds produce eggs almost every day. The shell of an egg consists almost entirely of calcium. Without a specific source of calcium in the feed, the bird's bone tissue will start to deteriorate.

Examples of ingredients that primarily supply calcium: Limestone and Shells.

4. Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Not all required nutrients can be obtained from local ingredients. Therefore, you need to add a Premix which is specially designed to meet the additional requirements. It can also be a concentrate which contains all the elements of a premix but also contains high quality proteins. 

Champrix provides these Premixes and Concentrates to over 40+ countries worldwide. Do you want Champrix in your region? Contact Champrix at



In addition to the 4 main categories, there are some special ingredients that deserve a mention on this page. These are ingredients that have been added with a specific purpose in mind. 

  • Toxin binders; These reduce the effect of mycotoxins found in grains if not treated properly.​

  • Acidifiers; These improves feed efficiency and control pathogen pressure for a healthier gut flora, efficient nutrient utilisation by the animal, and absence of digestion disorders.

  • Electrolite boosters; A boost of a specific nutrient that can help when the flock is not in good health. It prevents blood alkalosis and compensates for the elevated blood pH through a combination of different buffers, specific vitamins and electrolytes.


Is Champrix not available in your region? We are always looking for new partners who could distribute Champrix in their region. Please leave a message and our team will contact you as soon as possible.

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